Finger-Knitting Fun!

Knitting collage

I want to share with you all a very fun and easy way to knit! I will be sharing other knitting adventures as I learn them, but this is absolutely one of the neatest, most clever ways I have seen to knit.  I actually had never seen this method until my 9 year old daughter came home from school one day and told me that a friend taught her at recess. It was positively perfect! Now I will say that this method does not make a scarf very thick as it is only as wide as two fingers but if you use two strands of yard at once instead of one it will make it a bit thicker. So lets get started. This post is coming to you from me and my beautiful daughter (she’s super excited to help out with a blog post!).


1 or 2 balls of yarn

Your hand



Tie a Knot to your thumb.

Tie a Knot to your thumb.

1. Decide if you want to use one strand of yarn or two. My daughter has been using two strands of yarn and it makes the scarf a little thicker but it’s totally up to you. It also will depend on the kind of yarn you use as to it’s thickness.

  • Tie two knots on your thumb of your NON-Dominant hand. Some people do not tie a knot, instead they lay the tail of the yarn loosely between their thumb and index finger so that the tail is laying on the back of your hand. If you decide not to tie the yarn and go with the laying it on the back of your hand technique, then as you knit keep the tail tightly gripped between your thumb and forefinger.

2. Now, you will thread, or weave, your yarn around your fingers.

The first weave through fingers.

The first weave through fingers.

  • Thread the yarn behind the index finger (back of hand) and in front of the middle finger (palm of hand), behind ring finger (back of hand), in front of pinky (palm of hand).
  • Then wrap the yarn around your pinky and go back the other way (toward the index finger) weaving in and out of the fingers.
Wrapped back around to index finger.

Wrapped back around to index finger.

  • You will do this until you have two loops on each finger when looking at the palm of your hand.

3. Now you are ready to make your stitches.

step 4

  • Start with the pinky finger and pull the bottom loop up over the top of your finger (taking it above the top loop) and drop it. You may feel uneasy with this because it seems like you might lose a stitch but this is how you make a stitch. You are pulling it over the finger and dropping it.

 step 4.5

  • Now do the same to the bottom loops on the ring, middle and index finger.

4. Next:

step 5

  • Weave the yarn in and out again from index to pinky and back again to the index finger.
  • Then repeat the process of pulling the bottom loop up and over the top loop and off of the finger.
  • Do this until your knit reaches your desired length. The knitted chains will grow on the back of your hand.

5. Once your rope reaches the desired length, stop when you have just ONE loop on each finger. This next part may seem weird also at first but if you’ve ever used knitting needles then it’s a lot like binding off with those.

  • Take the loop from your pinky finger and move it to the ring finger. It should rest above the loop that was already on there.  There should be no loop on the pinky and two loops on the ring finger.
  • Now take the bottom loop on the ring finger, and move it up and over the top of the finger and drop it (just like you did to make the stitches).
  • There is now one stitch on the ring finger. Take that one stitch and move it to the middle finger.
  • Then move the bottom loop on the middle finger up and over the top of the finger and drop it.
  • Now move the loop from the middle finger to the index finger.
  • Take the bottom loop up and over the index finger. Now you are left with one loop on the index finger.
  • Slip the loop off of your finger, cut your string of yarn a few inches away from the loop.
  • Pull the yarn through the loop and pull a couple of times to tighten. You may even want to tie a knot here for good measure, just to make sure that sucker isn’t moving.

Adding Fringe

You most definitely do not need to add fringe to your scarf but we decided to on the one we made for this most. I’m very happy with how it turned out and my daughter was positively elated! So I’ve included the instructions for fringe as well.


Yarn of your choice

Piece of cardboard about 4 inches wide by 6 inches long

Scissors Crochet Hook (Optional, not a must have but does make it a little easier)

Photo Collage Step 1

Photo Collage Step 2


  1. Wrap your yard around the width of the cardboard from end to end.
  2. Cut the yarn along one edge.
  3. Take 4-8 pieces of the yarn and using the crochet hook, pull the strands through an end loop of your scarf
  4. So you will have a loop on one end and tails on the other
  5. Pull the tails through the loop and pull tight
  6. Repeat on other end loops of your scarf until you get the desired amount of fringe
  7. Trim the ends of your fringe up as evenly as possible to give it a clean and uniform look

I hope you enjoy finger knitting as much as my daughter does. It is such a fun and easy craft for anyone to do. This is a great way to introduce kids to knitting and crafts. Enjoy!

Need a Break?

If you find that you need to stop and take a break for some reason then there’s an easy way to save your place! Simply slide off the loops and slide a pencil through them. Set it someplace safe and it’ll be waiting on you for whenever you can pick it up again.

Finished Knit


2 thoughts on “Finger-Knitting Fun!

    • kidlets2 says:

      Aww, you can do it! 🙂 It’s a lot of wrapping the yarn around your fingers, then moving loops then wrapping again. Your fingers are a loom basically. I hope you get it lol. If you do or have any questions you can send a message here. I’d love to see what you make!

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