Easy Peezy Cupcake Ornaments

Sweetness on a tree

Ok, Ok Ok! I know, it’s after Christmas so why in the world would I post a craft for a Christmas ornament? Well….. I’m real early for next year.  🙂 I absolutely LOVE Christmas time plus I’m extremely behind on my posting and blogging. So here we go! 

I found this little beauty originally at this site, http://dollarstorecrafts.com/2011/11/make-cupcake-ornaments/. Such a cute idea! I made a ton of these and gave them out as present toppers for teachers, pastors and family. They are incredibly easy (a bit messy) and oh so cute! 

  1. Miniature cupcake liners, preferably the foil ones but I just used what I had on hand and they are regular paper liners.
  2. Miniature ornaments found at the dollar store. I got a pack of 12 for $1! I did have a hard time finding just silver ornaments which is what I was really on the hunt for. I initially could only find an assortment of red, green, gold and silver. I used all but the gold in that pack. When I went back to the dollar store they had a box of all silver. 
  3. Faux berries. I got a small bundle of these at Michaels craft store. I believe it was only a couple of dollars then I used a 40% off coupon from the Sunday paper to get it even cheaper!
  4. Paint. I used Folk Art brand white paint for the frosting of my cupcake that I had already on hand.
  5. Glitter. I have two daughters so of course we have enormous amounts of glitter always on hand. 
  6. Glue Gun

First you will need to frost the cupcake. Dribble, paint or drip the white paint onto the ornament ball around the hook. I sat mine inside the container they came in since there was a nice and snug little spot for each ornament. Then I drizzled the white paint all over the tops. This was actually trickier than I thought. The paint pours out very easily and made a bit of a mess. Operator’s error. 

Next either dip the wet paint into glitter or sprinkle the glitter on the painted area. I left the ornaments in their little container over night to dry completely. 

Once dry, glue into the bottom of a small cupcake liner. I found I needed to not just put one dot of glue in the liner but rather glue it all around the ornament so that the liner held snugly to the ornament. I glued mine in off-set or tilted slightly so that the ornament hook wasn’t sitting right on top of the cupcake. This way the berry or “cherry” will be on the very top when you glue it.

Then I cut off a faux berry, or “cherry”, and glued it next to the ornament hook on top of the cupcake. 

Tie a ribbon to the hook and you are ready to go! These turned out to be way cuter than I thought they would!


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