DIY Oatmeal Baggies

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. By eating breakfast you give your body an advantage. A healthy breakfast keeps you from bottoming out later in the day and succombing to food cravings. When this happens people tend to make unhealthy choices because they are so hungry they need something immediately to ease the hunger pains.

Children also need a healthy start to their day. Children who eat breakfast are more likely to perform better at school than those who skip the meal. They need a lot of healthy food for their growing bodies and learning brains.

While fiddling around on my favorite site to kill time, Pinterest, I came across a woman’s blog ( that had such a wonderful idea for a time saving and money saving breakfast! It’s so incredibly simple, and I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before.  It was information on how to make your own oatmeal baggies for breakfast! Now, with summer coming to an end, and here in the Midwest, temps are finally cooling down.  And with the cooler weather comes the strong desire for “stick to your ribs” type of food.  Oatmeal definitely fits the bill. These are so super easy and inexpensive.  If you are like me, and love an oatmeal breakfast, then make a batch of these as soon as you can! It makes a ton of oatmeal and costs about what one box of the instant stuff would cost you.

Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Oatmeal


  1.  One 48 oz. canister of instant oats. (I bought a store brand)
  2.  Light Brown Sugar
  3. Cinnamon
  4. Small Zip Loc baggies


I dumped about half of the canister of instant oats into a large mixing bowl. I then put 3/4 cup of brown sugar in the bowl followed by 1 TBSP of Cinnamon. Mix it all up! Then measure out half a cup of the mix and place into Zip Loc baggies. Voila! Oatmeal to go!


Pour one bag of your oatmeal mix into a bowl. Add 3/4-1 Cup of milk or water.  Heat it up in the microwave for about 1 min and ENJOY!

Other Versions:

I made a few different versions of oatmeal. I added cinnamon and raisins to one batch and mixed dried fruit to another.  Really, you can add or do anything you want! I would love to hear any other combos you have made!


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